Managing ESET Security Solutions

Selecting the best security software for your business is the crucial first step in a comprehensive IT security plan. Effectively deploying and managing a software solution across your organization can be a costly proposition without the proper tools.

ESET Remote Administrator simplifies the management of ESET software security products for businesses while keeping network overhead low. From a central management console, an administrator can quickly respond to threats, update signature databases, run reports, and install and manage ESET solutions. ESET Remote Administrator has a small footprint and is highly scalable in an N-tier management framework.

For organizations with multiple branch offices, ESET Remote Administrator makes it easy to maintain consistent management policies through multiple tiers of ESET Remote Administrator Servers controlled from a single ESET Remote Administrator Console. With ESET Remote Administrator, managing ESET Smart Security 4, ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 and other ESET security solutions is simple for businesses of all sizes—from small business to the enterprise.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive — An easy graphical interface gives you a quick comprehensive overview of your network security situation
  • Remote scanning — You are able to scan for threats on remote disks from the management console - increasing your security coverage
  • Instantly adjust client configuration — Remotely, from your management console you can reconfigure you network quickly and easily
  • Easily identify unprotected computers — Through a quick, visual scan, you can identify any unprotected computer on your network so security holes are remedied
  • Remote installation — Push any updates or new security software out to any computer on the network to provide instant protection
  • Advanced monitoring — In the unlikely instance malware is able to attack something on your network, our advanced monitoring and reporting tools quickly identify infiltration and allow for easy clean-up
  • Automatic ThreatSense® protection — Un-intrusive and augmented with standard signatures, our advanced proactive protection is updated hourly
  • Centralized management — Whether it is within a single network or across multiple locations, ESET security solutions allow for centralized management - lowering the total cost of ownership

New Features

Support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle Leverage existing investments in leading database systems and simplify deployment
License manager Manage multiple licenses with different numbers of seats and expiration dates
Notification manager Set automatic notifications to trigger on a wide range of conditions. Write the event to a log, email your team, send an SNMP trap, or execute an external command. The Notification Manager is flexible and powerful.
Policy manager Define and propagate consistent administration policies through different tiers of ESET Remote Administrators and groups of clients
Read-only console access Delegate management tasks to other administrators without worrying about configurations getting inadvertently changed or corrupted
Compatible with past and current versions of ESET Smart Security, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, and ESET SysInspector Preserve your investments by being backward compatible with ESET software products
Compatible with past and current versions of ESET Smart Security, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, and ESET SysInspector Expanded ESET Configuration Editor - smarter replication and filtering; even more efficient use of bandwidth and storage